Braided Bun Hairstyles: A Guide to Perfection

Even the naturally beautiful women need makeup, hairstyles, and makeovers to make themselves presentable.  A perfect hairstyle creates great stun and seduction on the hairstyle and appearance of the wearer. Among the greatly praised hairstyles, the bun hairstyles, especially the braided buns are considered to be one of the masterpieces. You already know the charisma of buns, as most of the women do. And the buns made with different kinds braids like box braids, cornrows braids, tribal braids, french braids, fishtail braids are simply called as the braided buns. Today we are going to take you to the undiscovered world of braids and buns where you will be able to pick the perfect one for as your next hairdo.

Magical Braids Style for Black Women
White Girl Cornrows
Wedding Braids and Bun Styles


Braided Bun: A Closer Look

Bun styles have been innovated in the primitive period. Still today we can see the presence of buns in primitive cavemen’s paintings. So the history of buns is dated back to the pre-civilization period. However, as time passes, the concept, structures, elements, colors of hairdo change. Similarly, the buns have been modified with a bunch of colors, designs, hair types and accessories. And in today’s world, the most popular form of bun hairstyles is the braided bun styles. Not only the women of African American ethnicity but also the women of the planet earth wear these styles for their day to day life.

Updo Hairstyles for Black Women
Updo for White Women
Unique Bun style with Cornrows and Beads

Why Buns are so Popular?

Bun hairstyles have gained tremendous popularity among the ladies as well as the gents of the 21st century. this is because of some specific reasons. In this section, we are going to point out the reasons behind the popularity of braided bun hairstyles.

Ribbons for Buns
Red Bun Hairstyles
Purple Highlights
  • Buns are always a five-minute hairstyle. Except for some wedding bun hairstyles, the buns normally take five minutes to be prepared. In a word, it’s a less time-consuming hairstyle.
  • Another great characteristic of these hairstyles is flexibility. Buns are always flexible and you are free to play around with it. For that, you can put a wide range of colors, highlights, braids, and accessories, etc. that’s why we call it one of the most flexible hairstyles worn by women all over the whole world.
Twisted Buns
Turtle Braids
Triangular Box Braids
  • Let’s talk about suitability. Buns, especially the braided buns are suitable for most of the circumstances. For example, you can wear buns for both formal and informal purposes. More specifically, buns are suitable for office, work, social programs, weddings, birthdays, parties, etc.
  • Braided Bun hairstyles are of the best protective hairstyles. Protective hairstyles protect the tender edges of the natural hair. that’s why the hair-conscious women always try to have a protective hairstyle like this.
  • the last advantage of the bun hairstyles is comfy feelings. Buns and updos are greatly worn during the summer seasons to have a hassle-free environment. They impart great comfort and relaxation during the summer seasons.
Triangular Braids
Traditional African Braided Bun
Side Buns with Braids

Diversification of Bun Hairstyles with Braids

You can wear buns with different forms in respect of structure, design, braids, color, volume, and length. Each of the variations is super cool and greatly glamorous. The dark women of African American ethnicity wear the most versatile buns with different kinds of braids, beads, and colors. For that, we have chosen the models of these articles from the dark ladies. and Here goes the hairstyles, you are waiting for.


Purple Braids and Bun
Natural Hair Braids
Micro Braids with Beads
Micro Braids Updo
Lovely Golden Buns
Kids Side Bun styles
Kids Braids and Bun
Inspirational Bun Hairstyles for Black Women
High Volume Bun Hairstyles
Half Bun with Box Braids
Golden Bun Style
Goddess Braids Bun
Glamorous Bun Hairstyles
Giant Braids with Beads
Floral Cornrows
Fishtail Braids with Bun
Feed-In Braids
Faux Bun with Braids
Faux Bun with Braids
Extended Bun Hairstyles
Easy Bun Styles for Natural Hair
Cornrows Updo
Cornrows Low Bun
Cornrows High Bun
Cornrows Braids
Colorful Bun Ideas
Buns for Thick Braids
Buns for Mohawks
Bun for Kids
Braids, Beads, and Bun
Braids with beads
Braids for Bead and Bun
Braids and Bun
Braids and Beads
Braided Double Buns
Braided Bun Hairstyles
Box Braids Bun
Box Braids and Bun
Blonde Highlighted Updo
Blonde Highlighted Braids
Blonde Goddess Braids
Blonde Cornrows Bun
Blonde Bun with Cornrows Style
Beads and Color
Bangs and Bun
African Braids and Beads

So, we hope you have found your preferred hairstyle from the images above. We have collected these images by filtering the popularity and flexibility. All we want is to give you new ideas about great hairstyles. So, you can connect yourself with us through social media to get regular updates about this blog.

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