39 Crazy Braided Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytails are regarded as one of the most time-saving and easy hairstyles with immense glamorous and gorgeousness. Braided ponytail hairstyles for black hair is one of the most searched topics in the internet world in recent time. The braids, the ponytails, and the black can make an evolution when they are merged and combined together, Generally, the ponytails and the braids are much more popular hairstyle among the African American Black women but when you mix them up, you are the one to be the center of everyone’s attraction. Today we are gonna present the most beautiful and attractive braided ponytail for the African American black women. So let’s get going…

French Braided Ponytail Hairstyles

I know, all of you are very much familiar to the French braids, the most beautiful braiding style in the world. And the ponytails are one of the most used hairstyles in the world among the African American people. If you just combine the ponytail with the French braid this hairstyle will just be dashing.

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One Braided Ponytail

Ponytails can be of one or multiple braids. It’s time to talk about one braided ponytail. The whole of the hair takes the shape like a braid and position on the top of the head. As the braid uses all of the hair available in the head, it becomes thick and giant. And a giant braid is lucrative to all.

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Single Braided Golden Ponytail

There are not many differences between this hairstyle and the previous one. The main difference is the color. In the previous hairstyles, the color of the braids was natural black, but for this hairstyle, the color is a golden color. When you use this hairstyle your hair will dazzle like gold and everyone around you will just look twice towards you.

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Afro Inspired Braided Ponytail

The hairstyles of the African American black women have mostly originated from the African and tribal Hairstyles. This hairstyle is a great example of that.  This girl has some head-wrapping braids and a ponytail with afro extensions, curls, and braids. You can choose the one which you like best. But as a whole, this package gives you a wild and hot look.

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Beaded Pixie Braided Ponytail

You know what the pixie braids are. The beautifully thin and flexible braids are called the pixie braids. When you make a ponytail with these lovely braids your hairstyle can compel anyone to falls in love with it. Use some beads with this beautiful braids and get the ultimate effect of pixie braided lovely ponytail.

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Braided Ponytail with Tribal Beads

There are not many differences in the previous hairstyles and the present one. The main difference is the beads. There we used general beads and here we use the tribal beads which gives a crazy look to your braided ponytail.

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Golden Thick braided ponytail

Cornrows, the heart of styling hair especially the hair of the African American Black women. Here the cornrows hairstyle has been applied with the braided ponytails.  Moreover, the braids are colored golden. The multiple golden-colored braids have passed through a ponytail tie to the back. Sexy and seductive as always.

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Thick Beaded Braids

Here are another cornrow inspired braided ponytail which is almost similar to the golden braided ponytail discussed above. The additional part of this hairstyle is the natural color and the beautiful golden braids everywhere in the braids. The effect of the braided ponytail has been multiplied by those cute and lovely beads.

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Cornrows Braided Ponytail

This one is the pure cornrows hairstyle. The cornrows braids are tied as a ponytail and let them hang by the back. Use this sexy hairstyle during any kind of social gatherings and tour or vacation.

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Thin Braided Side Ponytails

Ponytails are normally positioned by the backside. It is thought that it emits the best effect on the backside, but the reality is the ponytails can be positioned on the side too with an enormous effect on the other people around you. You can imagine that your hair will be the center of vision of the others.

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Ponytail positioned Front

Braids and Ponytails can be positioned to the front too. Just divide the ponytailed braids into to part and let them show off by positioning them in the front from both sides of the shoulder.

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Braided Ponytail, Tribal Style, Braids, Lemonade Braids

“Braided ponytail, tribal style, braids, Lemonade Braids” This words are enough to describe this hairstyle. There is nothing new to say about this wonderful hairstyle. So, you can now use this hairstyle to bring out the ultimate beauty from the inner you.

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Ponytail Snake Shaped

This is so simple and silly one. Take your ponytailed braids and wrap them by your neck from the front. Simple and innovative huh?

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Thick and Sexy

Thick braids always make you sexy and seductive. When you make a giant shaped ponytail with those thick braids, you can control many of the hearts around you.

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Two Side Braided Ponytail Hairstyles

Two thick braids and a ponytail with that. That’s all you need a side braided ponytail. Look at the girl at the picture. She is gorgeous and amazing with this hairstyle. On the other hand, it’s a great protective hairstyle that can actually do a lot for you and your hairstyle.


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The Giant Cornrows Braids

We have hardly anything to say about the cornrows braids. Make some giant cornrows braids and make a ponytail with them to get heavenly beauty in your hairstyle. Moreover, these ponytail hairstyles are great for different occasions and get together.

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Two Braided Golden Ponytail Hairstyles

Hello, this is a golden braid ponytail which is also a cornrows hairstyle. The number of braids is only two. And these two braids have the power to control the whole world.

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So, you now can understand that the braided ponytail hairstyles are of the most craved and widely popular hairstyles among the African American black women.  And we have tried our utmost to provide you with the craziest and most marvelous designs of braided ponytail hairstyles ever. Now, it’s your turn. Pick one and get it for you as your next hairdo. For more questions please send us a message on Pinterest.

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