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Short Hairstyles for Black Women- 21 Short Black Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles for Black Women, yeah, that’s our topic for this article today. African American women have different tastes regarding their hairstyles like curls, braids, afro, mohawk, bob, and a lot of others. But some of them do like short hairstyles more than any other hairstyles. Because of proper information, many of these short hairstyle lovers become deprived of stunning short hairstyles with a variety of patterns, textures, and designs. Here we have come up with 21 brilliant short hairstyles for you that you shouldn’t miss out on if you are a short hairstyle lover.

1. Short Hairstyles for Black Women – Dope Haircut, Tiny Curls, and a Gigantic Earing

Yes, you have seen many of the black men with dope haircuts? But how many women have you seen with this haircut? A little maybe. That’s why this is a great choice for short-hairstyle lovers. A dope cut with lovely tiny natural curls is a perfect combination. And to extend your glamour, try the large earrings too.

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Dope Haircuts
Image Source: Instagram

2. Natural Twist Out – A Spanking Short Hairstyle

Do you love natural hair? Ok, try this one. Your hair need not be very long to have a glamorous twist like the image below. One more thing, do not forget about the shiny red beads to wear with the twist out.

Natural Twist out
Image Source: Instagram

3. Short Hairstyles for Black Women- Bob with Messy Weaves and Edges

What can be a better example of an astonishing short hairstyle than the bobs? Here’s what we have got for you, a lovely cute bob with some accessories like lipstick and sunglasses. It’s well-partitioned and greatly organized at the top but messy at the edges. How perfect the combination is!

Short Bob
Image Source: Instagram

4. Pixie Box Braids into a Short Bob

Tiny square braids are called pixie braids. Actually, they are the smaller version of the box braids. Among the short hairstyles of African American black women, the pixie braided bob hairstyles are the ones everyone craves.

Image Source: @ritchiez_hair_n_beauty

5. Minified Afro: A Modern Approach

A bulky and bushy Afro is not preferable to all and in all seasons. That is why we need some minified versions of the royal Afro hairstyles. And here it is. Wear it and stop being concerned about your smartness, confidence, and beauty.

Short Afro
Image Source: Instagram

6. Tiny Locks: Sisterlocks You Call It

Sisterlocks are great. They are stylish, fashionable, and gorgeous. They are mainly thin locks small and short. This shortness has the power to create great enchantment in you and your hairstyle.

Short Hairstyles for Black Women-Sisterlocks
Image Source: Instagram

7. Front Braided Afro Updo with Beads (Fulani Braids)

With Afro, you can create this awesomeness. An afro updo, tiny braids, and some wild (wooden) beads can make this happen. This charming look will make anyone look back at you twice.

Braids Beads Afro
Image Source: Instagram

8. Blonde Coils, Natural Updo

What if you have these wonderful blonde-colored coils on your head? Coils are amazing as always but when you color them with honey blonde color, they become unbeatable. And hey, with very low maintenance, you can wear this shiny golden hairstyle.

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Short Hairstyles for Black Women-Blonde Coils Updo
Image Source: Instagram

9. Frohawk and Blonde Highlights, a Craving Short Hairstyle for Black Women

Among the on-trend hairstyles, the Frohawk is notable in the first list. Frohawks are side faded and here the upper curls of this hairstyle are highlighted with blonde color. As a whole, it can create an immense effect on your hairstyle to draw the attention of others very easily.

Image Source: Instagram

10. Short Natural Curls for Flawless Stun

Some of the short hairstyles take almost nothing to make you look gorgeous. This one is one of them. Only a headful of natural curls can give you this ultimate glamour. And with it, you will just rock.

Short Natural Hair
Image Source: Instagram

11. Shortened Finger Coils Updo

Finger coils can be made with natural hair too. It is an easy hairstyle that can be made in the home within an hour. All you need is some short natural hair. No matter for which you are getting prepared, this hairstyle will present you in the spotlight.

Finger Coils
Image Source: Instagram

12. Taper Fade (Twist Out) with Blonde Highlights

Do you love fades in your hairstyle? We have got this taper fade for you. It is simply short and twisted out. With no accessories and extensions, you rock with this superb tiny hairstyle.

Taper fade
Image Source: Instagram

13. Afro-Inspired Natural Hair Braided Updo

Flamboyant it is. Just comb over the natural hair, braid the front part, use some beads, and pull back the residual natural hair like an Afro. And you are done. If you are trying to impress someone special, try this inexhaustible hairstyle.

Natural Hair Braided Updo
Image Source: Instagram

14. Beaded Cornrows Braids into A Tiny Bun

Cornrows are suitable for both long and short hairstyles. And with cornrows, you have a lot of flexibility to play around. In this hairstyle, the front part is cornrows braided and the back part of the head is pulled off as a bun., How cute, isn’t it?

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Cornrows Bun
Image Source: Instagram

15. Trendy White Short Curls for Black Women Over 50

Although many of the young women wear white curly coils, they are mainly preferred by African American black women over 50. With the passage of age, fashion does not leave us. So, you women can wear these fashionable hairstyles.

White Curls for Women over 50
Image Source: Instagram

16. Short Afro with Short Ponytail

Anyone will be amazed to see this neat and clean short hairstyle with a covering ponytail. There are some short hairstyles, we do not need to explain. And this one is one of them. Only the Afro hair is pulled back into a ponytail. And that’s it.

Short Afro Ponytail
Image Source: Instagram

17. Ultra-Short Natural Hair with Notable Partition

When you have tiny little natural hair and are confused about making a new hairstyle, try this one. It will take nothing but some insignificant amount of time. And we know, the women with this hairstyle are already alluring you to wear this hairdo.

Short Hairstyles for Black Women-Simply Natural
Image Source: Instagram

18. Natural Hair Comb-over

When you have no time to take care of or make a new hairstyle, just comb over your hair like this and start looking great just like the women in the picture. Remember, a little effort sometimes brings you a great deal.

Short Hairstyles for Black Women-Natural Hair Combover
Image Source: Instagram

19. Royal Pin Curl

Pin Curls are widely used as a short and royal hairstyle. Pin curls are circular coils positioned horizontally on the head. Sometimes, beads, headbands, and other accessories are used with the pin curl hairstyles. But as a whole, pin curls are just awesome.

Short Hairstyles for Black Women-Pin Curl
Image Source: Instagram

20. Floral Faux Locks, Popular Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Well, this one is a masterpiece. Short synthetic faux locks, some crisscross hair ribbons, and flowers are the main elements of it. Are we missing something? Yes, the beads, do not forget about the beads. This combo makes this mesmerizing hairstyle altogether.

Short Hairstyles for Black Women-Floral Faux Locks
Image Source: Instagram

21. Spiky Pixie

In the end, the short spiky hairstyle is for you. It’s a little bit crazy and ultra-modern. If your personality demands it, wear it. We highly recommend these short hairstyles for black women.

Spiky Pixie
Image Source: @afrohaircom

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