About Us

Hello you, Welcome to the About Us section of curlycraze.com. we assume you are visiting this page because you are interested in knowing about us. We are glad to let you know that, on this page, we have described ourselves in detail.

Who are We?

We are a bunch of creative stylists and designers led by Laverne Rhimes. We work as stylists, designers, and haircare specialists in local hair salons in Detroit, Michigan. Besides we run this blog to support people searching online for new hairstyle ideas, how-to, and DIY.

What Do We Do?

We started this new blog on April 17, 2019, aiming to provide the most relevant information about hairstyles, haircuts, and grooming especially for African-American Black Men, Women, and Kids. We present a pictorial presentation of different styles and cuts in the form of articles. Among the misleading information all over the internet, we try to provide you with what you actually need.

How Do We Do It?

The most important part we do is research. We always try to find out the topic people are searching for. At the later stage, we write easy, understandable, and contemporary articles to make the facts clear to the audience. For better understanding, we use images of different hairstyles with the models. Most of these images are collected from social media.

Our Goal

Our team is committed to making the virtual world easier to learn new hairstyle ideas and all other relevant information regarding hair grooming. We try to present everything softly and always avoid adult content (text and graphics) while posting something. We hope novice hair stylists, young people, and beauty seekers will benefit from our blog.